image of the day

sewed this stupid cat last night for no reason. his name is stanley and he has no brain.

date: 19/may/2024

Every time i get bored in college when working on PC i end up making ASCII art

date: 18/apr/2024

hey! you! yes, you! are YOU paying your taxes? then i'd like to suggest you to join cthe Chonny Jash Tax Filing Server!!!

date: 01/apr/2024

this is me fr... every time i think i bawl my eyes

date: 07/mar/2024

dansan is the caller!!!
>watch this video for proof!

also pathos made this meme into a emoji in cjfs and i'm insanely proud of this bcs now one of my memes is a sticker and one is an emoji.

date: 24/feb/2024

guys egg is real
only Anarchy appreciates this

date: 18/feb/2024

i found him!!! he was in a pocket of my jacket lol
gives hope to find other stuff

date: 17/feb/2024

love is in the air? LOUD INCORRECT BUZZER!
made by ronnie ronsta from cjfs

date: 15/feb/2024

brother gifted me this crocodile (and 2 plushies) for christmas bcs i asked him and i lost this fella somewhere in my apartment and cannot find him (and some other stuff as well) ToT

date: don't remember

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