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Do Not Interact

Do Not Interact if you fit Basic DNI or are under 14!

before you follow

Sometimes I might be annoying, or make others uncomfortable
just please don't close eyes on that and let me know!

Frequent mood changes + mental health issues (cptsd, depression and others) :p

Lack of social skills + very stupid and might not understand many things!

I don't understand relationships, so i need clarifications D:

I appreciate use of tonetags


I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and might be paranoid sometimes.
This Is Why i don't share pictures of myselfor any personal information, and even if I Do, I end up deleting them most of the time.
i am free to choose what information i do and do not post about myself online.

Please respect that!


feel free to message me anywhere! i like talking to people.

And also if you wanna infodump about something or recommend something, i will listen!

You can use my art! (for non-commersial use ofc)! just make sure to credit me.

You can draw my characters, ofc! And please mention me if you do!!


I do Not Care about jashshipping. I don't mind (huh) it, but I'm not the person to talk about it with.

no NSFW!

Do not sexualize me, my art, or my characters!

Don't bring up drama or discourse with me, unless given permission.