maybe later dance - jhariah


new jhariah album!

i've actually heard this song, from a concert recording (this one) and i loved it a lot.

this song is so me

Chronic maybe-later dance, busy dreaming we could be friends

Oh, I wanna be just like you
Oh, I wanna be just like you
I'm mastering a mimicry of everything you do
A mask of mirrored imagery, absent of my misery

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13/apr/2024 youtube spotify

motions - glass beach

me when i anna run like a machine or smth idunno

Select all images containing traffic lights
Select all images containing stop signs

I am not a person
Beyond my own success
Beneath my chitin jacket
I wear no human flesh

22/mar/2024 youtube spotify

glass beach - glass beach

yeah, i've been pretty obsessed with glass beach lately

was a choice between Glass Beach and Motions, but GL just means so much to me.

this song just feels so personal. like they're talking to me lmao. just like the demo of push. that's why i love it so much. it makes me wanna cry.

i don't really like sharing personal stuff, but this song hits WAY too close to "home".


12/mar/2024 youtube spotify

commatose - glass beach

so i was in VC yesterday and june made me listen to plastic death (and i loved it)

i added this song into my playlist right away (as well as cul-de-sac)

then i re-listened to this song while reading the lyrics and i love this song!

this specific part was playing in my head in exam today actually:

Plastic death, plastic death
Suck the marrow till there's nothing left, nothing left
Send every message as an SOS, SOS
I love you better when you're plasticine, in stark submission
Trepanation bloodflow

as for other songs, i will need to re-listen to them later!!

i also got to show her some chonny jash songs :3

07/mar/2024 youtube spotify

the u & i in suicide - that handsome devil

hey girl are you

alright? ain't nothin' to do tonight? we could put the u & i in suicide.

fucking love these lyrics and even put them on my sketchbook

Have you thought who will find you?
The weight you've been tied to.
Don't hide from your life,
While the light passes by you.
Have you thought what they might do?
The lives left behind you,
The nerve of just leaving some sophomoric haiku,
Well isn't that like you?

THD fucking rocks

26/feb/2024 youtube spotify

the lie of black and white - chonny jash

or "Chonny's lil' ol' gay anthem"

amazing song... i believe that it helped us with depression, cuz we were not doing well recently, and this song has this "believing in better" vibe to it, like greener.. have actually a whole playlist for that!

despite chonny stating that this song's message is "on the nose", i did not read that lmao. i guess the main reason is that we experience music through out own experience. but hell yes!!
q u e e r n e s s !!

"but slowly it all began to change... in a good way"

this is the time i have to add scrolling here lmao! was thinking abut this earlier. bcs i have a lot to say. well, not really. mostly just rambling!!

also, we've been listening to it on loop, having a streak of 447 plays as i'm writing this. also we're fighing for the #1 spot... i want to listen to other songs too, bcs i love music, but i also wanna be #1!! at least in something :(

but i like this song a lot and don't seem to get bored/tired/overwhelmed by it, so i'll keep listening to it 'til i get bored lol!

19/feb/24 youtube spotify

Pin-eye - jhariah

finally listened to this song!

though some mythical shit happened so i kinda forgot

love the song and MV as usual... instrumental is great and vocals are as well, and then there's this awesome MV!

and the lyrics... are very relatable )

"oh i do i beg my legs to take me much farther than they were meant to? i want too much, i never listen when my body says it's had enough"

07/feb/24 youtube spotify

I am alone - they might be giants

recently re-discovered this song on our old playlist on VK! originally discovered throught this art quite some time ago)

this is one of those songs that was put into my "mental illness" playlist AKA "sasha misinterprets songs (mostly)" that i created when i realised i have misinterpreted (and related to) quite some songs

you can actually listen to it and try to piece together what i'm talking about yourself lols) hope you like it

i think they might be giants

29/jan/24 youtube spotify

knives are dangerous, kid, so cut the theatrics! - jhariah

Love this song!!!

This is the song i found Jhariah through! Specifically bcs og lovelyshiz's animation of heart and mind in cjfs!!

22/jan/24 youtube spotify

sweet hibiscus tea - penelope scott

When i was singing along (as i do) my voice kept cracking parcially bcs i was singing for hours and not drinking any water, but also bcs i was singing too high bcs of singer's high voice ToT

This song feels like something liminal. Or matric-like.

Artificial sun, glitchy leaves, empty places, feeling cold despite 85F/30C weather.

13/jan/24 youtube spotify

one more year - tame impala

firstly, this song reminds me of one person.

secondly, makes me think that there's only 1 more year 'til i turn 18.

have mixed feelings about it.

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