BYF and boundaries

* Hi! I'm AJ! I like drawing, animating and coding. Also i like making memes! I often post them on my shitpost youtube channel (which is mainy Chonny Jash related) and tumblr! (as well as arts)

* i got inspired to make my own site after getting this episode of loveweb in my reccomended!

* I speak english, russian, and learn spanish!

* My special interest is Chonny Jash! I like drawing characters from CCCC & post memes on my shitpost channel. I am also a helper in CJFS!


Deltarune, Aconite, FNAF (havent played any of the gamer really), Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot


Laika's Comet, Scott Pilgrim (only read vol 1?), Mia's World (havent read a lot)


The Owl House, Amphibia, Fionna and Cake, Bluey, Bee and Puppycat, Over the Garden wall, Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, Scott Pilgrim takes off


Chonny Jash, Glass Beach, Jhariah, Will Wood

Sasha Jash Neil

AKA: AJ, Marbles, ashhmillr, egg

age: many much

country of origin: the backrooms

gender:⚨ unknown


  1. - sona
  2. - wants to play drums
  3. - dumb
  4. - the "computer guy" in class
  5. - colour theory
  6. - "why are you so tall???"

i LOVE ice cream sandwiches!!!

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