hello! welcome to my journal.

Status Cafe

this is where i'm gonna be putting different cool stuff.
fun fact: this page's background is a desk mat i actually own, found on google images!
ignore the misspellings or typos.

a sudoku!

i think it's pretty cool.
you can get yourself a sudoku widget here!

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i have a lot of stuff to do for my site!!!
so here's my to-do list for the things i want to add.
but i also have a lot of other stuff in my life i need/want to work on as well so i don't have that much time for the site, but i still make little every time when i can!

  1. fix the images on characters' pages
  2. make updated font!
  3. upload fixed font
  4. check and fix rescaling on some pages
  5. add a theme switcher
  6. games
  7. journal: main page
  8. journal: media sharing
  9. journal: my photos
  10. journal: quotes?
  11. journal: rambling
  12. shrines: main page
  13. shrines: chonny jash: main page
  14. cjfsipedia


Loading crossword puzzle. One moment please.

it's when you.. cross the words??
are you a smartass enough to solve it? i am not.
i mean... i kindaaa am a smartass?... i enjoy coding a lot! and programming overall. and just knowing stuff. having something to share with other people!!! like, i helped classmates in programming classes, in math, in languages too... the subjects i'm very good at! but at the same time i'm bad at others. i guess i got science and maths autism.
you can get this widget here!!

i forgot what wlse i wanted to put here lols

im clinically depressed
photo album

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