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My pronoun page!

HI!! My name is: AJ!

STANDS FOR: ash jash, ash being being the short version of my name i've been going by online for couple of yeart (i think?), and jash being a reference to chonny jash, my special interest!
i've actually tried finding the origin of this nickname few times, and this is what i found:

as well as this amazing interpritation by dansan (true caller):


EGG (also eggboy, the allEGGations etc.)
"is it related to trans term?" - NO. i joked several times about looking like an egg after getting a haircut, here are some of them

and then my friend (anarchy) picked it up and started calling me eggboy & making egg puns & i loved it. Then i made a new sona for myself & called it egg.

OTHER NICKNAMES INCLUDE: H/hydrogen, anything made up from AJ (Alex Jameson, for example), or anything really. You can also call me by my full name (Sasha) ((NOT ALEXANDER))

whats ur full name?

Sasha (Ash) 'AJ' Jash Apple-Afton-Miller-Kennedy-Fidgerald-Neil
or just Sasha J. Neil (Jash is middle name). none of these is my legal name. yet.

whats ur gender?

IDK tbh. not cis. nor binary. i identify as agender bcs well. idk. sometimes i just dont wanna care.

pronouns might vary. i usually use they/them or he/him, but can also use it/its or she/her.

"yeah but were u born a girl or a boy?" - bold of you to assume i was born.

DONT call me a femboy pls. thanks.

people IRL keep confusing my gender and i love it. this is so fun.


this is a favourite of mine. a playlist of songs about/interpreted by me as queer or/and neurodivergent. some of my fav songs from here:

I/me/myself - will wood - "i wish i could be a girl and that way you'd wish i could be your girlfriend-boyfriend"
Love, me normally - will wood - aroace song. i project.
Yoshi's Island - Glass beach - trams gener...
Modify - lemon demon - "i removed my boobs with science!"

ive dissociated from my body so much i dont know whats my gender anymore.
photo album

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